The Zeroth Law of Paris

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I have revealed that Paris is really a game, and like all games it has rules. nebenwirkungen viagra

 (Indeed, is this how a game is defined, in that it an activity that has rules? If so, is life a game, and what are its rules?) buy viagra uk reviews

 Let’s see. Here’s one definition I’ve found: dosaggio viagra 50

 A game is a form of competitive activity played according to rules. differenza fra viagra e cialis

 This is almost identical to what I posed in my question, although we must beware of that word competitive, surely? viagra contrareembolso argentina

 Let’s move on then to this word rule, just to check that we’re on the same page (so to speak). sildenafil citrate dosage information

 One of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity. was passiert bei einnahme von viagra

 That will do. I like that. It is perfect in its simplicity. So we can now move on to the first of the set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within the game that is Paris. un iperteso puo assumere viagra

 (See how I have replaced “activity” with “game”, for obvious reasons?) blue pill viagra side effects

 I was going to say “The First rule is …” when I suddenly had to stop myself. There is, on careful consideration, a Zeroth rule i.e. one that not only precedes but (in a hierarchical sense) supersedes the First rule … effectiveness of viagra over time

 (Think about, and perhaps research, the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and/or of Robotics and you’ll see what I mean). cialis 20mg dosage frequency

 Where was I? Of course. The Zeroth rule of Paris is viagra masticable modo de uso

 FOLLOW THE RULES AND YOU CANNOT LOSE cialis viagra price comparison

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