Paris is not a city

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When I first thought about trying to explain exactly why Paris is the most magical city on earth, I struggled.  It is, after all, a city like so many others.  Or is it?  It has beautiful buildings, and wide avenues, and charming parks, and a river flowing through the middle, and churches, and cathedrals, and street cafés, and cobbled streets … but so do many other cities.  London, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Prague – they are all special in their own way.  And so far this is just Europe.  New York, Rio, Sydney, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, the list goes on. viagra contrareembolso argentina

I realised that it is foolish to compare, and also that trying to describe a city purely by what it looks like is like trying to describe an opera purely by what it sounds like, before I had my “Eureka Moment”.  You see – and the secret is now out – Paris is not really a city at all. cialis tadalafil 20 mg para que sirve

Wait! – I hear you cry.  What are you talking about?  Of course Paris is a city.  It is the capital of France.  Lots of people live there.  The Tour de France finishes there.  Well, these things are true, of course, but they no more explain Paris than musical notation explains an opera. effectiveness of viagra over time

And here we have it.  Paris needs an explanation.  So what is it?  A mathematical puzzle, an enigma, a riddle, a trick?  In fact, it has certain characteristics of all of these things, but it is something more.  It is … a game! blue pill viagra side effects

I will over the coming months explain the rules of the game.  I will show you how to win, and, very importantly, how not to lose.  I will reveal exactly where you need to go.  I will take you to the magical places.  I will translate for you the secret language of Paris. gruppa viagra

You will see, and hear, and touch, and taste, and smell, and feel things you have never experienced before, things that you didn’t think could even exist … or could exist only in your dreams. pramil sildenafil 50

This will be my gift to you.  And at the end of the game you will understand the reason for my generosity, why I wanted to, no, needed to, reveal the rules of the game.  And then you will do the same. viagra masticable modo de uso

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