Synopsis of Gender

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The first recorded use of the word ’boredom‘ was in Bleak House by Charles Dickens, written in 1852,
where the word appears six times. Boredom is something most of us experience, regrettably, from time
to time. Now imagine the exact opposite. Not, merely, excitement, but something so far along the
spectrum that the vocabulary to describe it adequately doesn’t yet exist in any (human) language. prostate surgery recovery viagra

‘Gender’ tells the story of a man destined to fertilise a third gender inside a fictional dimension within a
painting by Picasso. Along the way he experiences abduction and torture at one end of the scale, and
extreme pleasure at the other. He has wild sex with a woman intoxicated by Rasputin’s penis,
encounters an alien super-intelligence, escapes from cannibal mutants, is turned to stone (and back
again), exists temporarily in a two-dimensional form, and finally finds love. comprar viagra online sin receta

Along the way the internet becomes self-aware, a secret society that wants to bring fascism back to
Spain is destroyed, the Voynich manuscript is deciphered, the Louvre undergoes a metamorphosis, and
the fate of the universe hangs for a moment on the flight path of a butterfly in Montségur … pfliagra pflanzliches viagra

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