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He was born in a vineyard in southern France and, abandoned at birth, was raised first by wolves and then in a Convent. A musical and mathematical prodigy, he wrote his first opera at age six and solved Fermat’s Last Theorem at age seven but remained anonymous to protect the privacy of the Nuns. He became a Chess Grand Master at age nine. Leaving the Convent, he travelled the world for many years in the sole company of a French language teacher and double-jointed gymnast, Alice, ten years his elder, for whom he retains a lasting affection. He studied English Literature at Cambridge, then Music, Philosophy and Classics at the Sorbonne, and completed his formal education at Princeton where at age twenty three he became Professor of Mathematics. He summers in Provence, autumns in New England, winters on an atoll in the Indian Ocean, and springs between his apartments in London, Venice, Madrid, Tokyo, Rome, Moscow and Paris. He was the first amateur cyclist to have been invited to ride the Tour de France solo without a team affiliation (2014). Turning down the lead role in the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, instead he chose to take up the invitation of countertenor in King’s College Choir. He has written 151 books, including acclaimed biographies of John Keats, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Bach and Shakespeare, as well as the first translation into High Elvish of ‘Don Quixote’. A natural calligrapher, he can reproduce exactly the signature of Pafutny, founder and hegumen in the fourteenth century of the Avraamy Monastery on the Volga. He can also draw, unaided, a perfect circle. He is the only person in history to win the Nobel Prize in three separate disciplines: Literature (for ‘Gender’), Physics – twice (first (2009) for finally reconciling quantum theory with gravity, and second (2017) for discovering the Chronological Constant as a precursor to stable worm-holes which led to the first working Time Machine), and Peace (for reconciling the supreme conflict between his head and his heart). In 2013 he climbed Mount Everest alone and for recovery swam the Bering Strait naked. He took up his position of Principal Conductor at La Scala in May 2014. He is the only Michelin Starred Chef who cooks only vegetarian food and who is unwilling to tie himself down to a particular establishment, preferring to “guest” at restaurants in Paris, Hong Kong and occasionally New York. He is an expert on the sexual behaviour of axolotls. prostate surgery recovery viagra

Following the more mundane definition, it is “true” that he has written four other books (‘Without the Essential Loves’, ‘Astonished’, ‘All That You Touch’ and for children ‘Pyder and the Lost Rainbow’). He is a season ticket holder at Leicester Tigers, loves the works of John Keats, Charles Dickens and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is the world’s leading authority and “Superfan” of Pink Floyd, hates spreadsheets, rudeness, football, getting up early, traffic jams, loud non-musical noises (for example, motor-bikes and crying babies), and wishes that he had lived in Paris for the last twenty years … and also that he had discovered the music of Arcade Fire much earlier. comprar viagra online sin receta

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